Meet Crystal


Hello Goddess, and I’m so glad we’ve crossed paths! I’m Ms. Crystal Willis, an Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Transformational Life Coach and Founder of The Crysalis. My personal mission is to  empower women to own their story, transform their lives and manifest their dreams.

The Crysalis is designed to be a transformation destination for you to shed the past, explore your divine feminine, tap into your authentic self, and learn powerful self-love and manifestation tools to help you realize your wildest dreams. The Crysalis podcast, coaching and online training programs, books and live events are all designed to inspire fellow Goddesses with effective lifestyle tips, mindset advice, and business strategies. Find out more about The Crysalis here.

As a birth mother from rape and abuse survivor, I’ve been dealt my share of challenges. I’ve had to let go of toxic relationships, overcome depression and anxiety, gone through divorce and nearly became homeless. I know what its like to be passionate about so many things and want to succeed, to be knocked down time and time again. Let’s just say, resilience and reinvention are my middle names.

I’d built a 13 year career in the entertainment business, specializing in business management, marketing and public relations, but was unfulfilled with the life I’d created. I made the decision to leave my 9 to 5 working at a Fortune 500 company in public relations to become an entrepreneur and inspire women and artists around the world to take control of their destiny. I’ve learned a TON of lessons and made a lot of mistakes along the way and now my goal is to share those with you and guide you on your path to discover your power, passion and purpose.

Are you interested in working with me or booking me to speak at your event? If so, please contact me at or use the contact page.


“manifesting unapologetic power, passion and purpose.” – Ms. Crystal Willis